A little late

Its a week late but…..here are some photos of my Thanksgiving. Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving!

My boyfriend came over to the West Coast the day before Thanksgiving. At 2 o’clock  on Thanksgiving day we had our Thanksgiving at my house then we left around 4:30/5 to drive to the East Coast (where my boyfriend and his family live) to have dinner with them too. Two Thanksgivings in one day & First Thanskgiving in recovery …. I was obviously nervous as hell and super nervous about me asked “How have you been”. I had been rehersing my responses for a few days and just broke on Thanksgiving and I woke up all in my head, my anxiety through the roof and feeling like absolute crap about myself because how could I tell people I’m doing great when I’m not. Sooo I took myself to the beach to get some clarity and set my intentions for the day and to also just relax and get grounded. The beach does that to me, no matter what, when i go to the beach I feel grounded and connected to my emotions, thoughts, and I even feel more grounded and connected to earth.

So off I went to the beach…crying because Ifelt horrible and my anxiety was out of control, walked about 3/4 of mile down where the only people around were the people walking to the end to the pass and back to where the main part of the beach was. When I go to where I wanted to sit, I walked to the water and went about knee deep. Felt the waves and current brush across my skin, and too several deep breaths, looked out at the horizon and started to wipe away my tears. I walked up to where I wanted to sit, which happened to be area with a bountiful amount of shells. As i always do, i started to collect them from the perfect shells to the imperfect shells.

Every shell tells a story, and even the shells with most imperfections are still beautiful.

Then my boyfriend showed up, he knew exactly where I’d be. (oh, left without telling anyone where I was going). So after I told him what was going, he started to help me collect the shells. And someone who walked by saw how my legs were covered in shells, and was like ” you look like your turning into a mermaid” and this would be a cool picture, so he asked if we had a camera and he took it for us. (Thank again, to the couple who was so sweet to take our picture and could tell that I had been crying all morning)





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