Pastel Skies & Reflection

One thing I’ll never get tired of is watching sunsets and this blog will be flooded with sunset photos as time goes on. I love watching the sky change colors from warm oranges and golds to the pink, blue, and purple pastels.Pastel Skies When I watch the sunset, I use this time to reflect. Every time I watch the sunset, in my head I hear the song “What a wonderful world”.I reflect on the day and the intentions I made that morning. I reflect on everything I have and am thankful for. I set new intentions for the next day. Sunsets ease my mind, they are what help me put everything into perspective when my mind is racing a million miles a minute and I feel like I’m barely keeping it together, its the sunsets and walks on the beach that keep me grounded. I go for walks on the beach daily in the morning, sunsets are often but not daily like walks in the morning. If I know i’m not watching the sunset, I use my time in the morning to reflect on the days before intentions and set new ones. My walking in the morning set the tune for the day. My walks at sunset are an extra bonus, usually accompanied by my boyfriend at sunset. He knows when I’m reflecting because I’m silently staring off into the horizon and watching the waves crash up against my skin.   11These moments of reflection and mindfulness have been a HUGE part of recovery for me. I may only be a month and a few days in to recovery, but these moments of reflection are now not only about reflecting on my day, life, and easing my mind from anxiety and panic but they are now also about becoming more in-tune with my thoughts and emotions with my eating disorder and how to start to overcome them.


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