Below 50 Degrees & At The Beach

Well a cold front came through and I woke up to it being 42 degrees outside and super windy. I debated for a good hour whether or not to go walk and meditate on the beach and freeze.

Well it wasnt hard to convince myself to go, so I went. I got to the beach and of course maybe 3 Florida cars in the parking lot and the rest out-of-state, once you got on the beach you could totally tell who were the “snowbirds”. As soon as I parked and got out of my car, I could hear the waves crashing on the shore. The oceans roar was loud yet so peaceful and calming to listen to.

It was so peaceful, I didn’t even do my full walk. I walked about 3/4 of mile down and walked up to a dry spot and started to take in the scenery and meditate. The sound of the waves were so calming, I got lost in meditation. I only planned to go to the beach for 35/40 minutes because of my finals but I ended up staying for almost 2 hours…it happens a lot. Sitting there watching the waves crash against the shore, barely any one on the beach, it was pure bliss. I might of been freezing but I didn’t mind.

legs copy.JPG

“Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak.”


After the beach, it was time to hit the books. Finals are coming fast. I spent the afternoon too prepping for an interview tomorrow(fingers crossed). Leaving the beach, I thought ย I was escaping the cold…but nope I didnt. I got home and it was freezing in my house. The AC was on 80 degrees but it wasn’t budging a degree over 61. My mom came home and found my bundled up with a scarf, fuzzy socks, leggings and a long sleve…after her quick uhhh what are you doing look, I quickly said to her my Floridian blood can’t take this cold.ย IMG_51510F599AE7-1

I even did my favorite face mask, to refresh my skin since this cold weather is super harsh on the skin. They are the best masks ever. I’ll post a post about them along with some other things one day soon.




Now I’m off to sleep, my Aussie is snoring away and time to get well rested to be prepared for the interview and studying.

Peace & Love,


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