I’m writing this post as I currently dream of the keys.  The Florida Keys is by far my favorite escape. I would go every summer in middle school and then through out high school. In middle school I went to Seacamp, an 18 day camp that is all about teaching those who attend about marine life and exploring the oceans and protecting out oceans and marine life. This camp is what fueled my love for the ocean, for sharks(especially swimming in the shark pond) and most importantly the importance of protecting our beautiful oceans and marine life.IMG_1886

My soul is craving a trip back. To swim in the crystal blue waters, the colorful reefs, the island feel, the feeling of having no worries, the atmosphere of Duval Street, the history and the picture perfect sunsets.

I will get back there in a few months, I’ve promised myself that.


The Florida Keys, has taught me the importance of letting things go that burden us and letting our soul be free. Do what makes us happy.

tempImageForSave 10 copy

My favorite reef is Looe Key, its off of Big Pine Key.  Its a national marine sanctuary and I believe it is a must see. It is beautiful. I wish I had photos from my Seacamp days to share with you…so this just means I MUST go back soon so I can write a post on it. Looe key is where I really truly fell in love with sharks, swimming along with reef sharks gracefully gliding through the waters.

tempImageForSave 10

Some of my favorites in the Keys is – Mangrove Mama’s Restaurant, Bahia Honda, Fury Cat, Mallory Square, Looe Key, Island Grill in Islamorada, Seacamp and so many more!

So here’s some pictures from some past trips in Keys.

*Stay tuned for more posts about the keys, ocean, living the salty life, ocean conservation, sharks, and more*



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