Paddle through Whiskey Creek

At John U. Lloyd Beach State Park in Dania Beach, FL they have creek that leads into the intercostal then out to the Atlantic on the west side of the park. The creek is called  Whiskey Creek, and when I lived on the East Coast of Florida my boyfriend and I whenever we had the same days off  we’d take our boards and go paddle Whiskey Creek. My boyfriend would bring his fishing pole and fish because he heard there was good snook finishing back there.




There is a very important thing though when going paddling at whiskey creek, you have to go at high tide and know the tides. When it is low tide in whiskey creek you will have to carry your board the few miles back to where you launched. Other than that it is a very peaceful paddle. The park has an area for those who don’t have their own boards to rent them and to also rent kayaks and canoes. You don’t have to worry about any boats either until the end where the rental area is which is where it opens to the intercostal. Right at that section a lot of boats will anchor and hang out on the small beach in the creek.

You paddle through the mangroves and you’ll come across lots on conch, mullet, and a bunch of other marine life that resides in the mangroves and creek. If your ever in the Dania Beach/Fort Lauderdale area you should check it out. The beach at John Lloyd is great too, and at the very end of the park they have a long fishing jetty thats great to walk out on. Sometimes you’ll see some cool marine life like nurse sharks, eagle rays, parrot fish and a bunch of other marine life that love jetties. I’ll talk about the Jetties in another post, since I have a million pictures there. 🙂


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