My secret spot

Also is my favorite spot. It's quiet, a few down tress for sitting, trees for shade and sand so soft and white they're like clouds. I look forward to walking to this spot every time I'm at the beach. It sits right on the channel of the pass.


Paddle through Whiskey Creek

At John U. Lloyd Beach State Park in Dania Beach, FL they have creek that leads into the intercostal then out to the Atlantic on the west side of the park. The creek is called  Whiskey Creek, and when I lived on the East Coast of Florida my boyfriend and I whenever we had the same days... Continue Reading →

Take Me To Nirvana

Gloomy day gave a cloudy sunset, but it was still a beautiful sunset with all the hues of blue and light pinks. Sunsets and mediation are my favorite combination. And Spiritual Gangster makes some of my favorite yoga clothing and I'm obsessed with with this shirt "Take me to nirvana" by them.        ... Continue Reading →


I'm writing this post as I currently dream of the keys.  The Florida Keys is by far my favorite escape. I would go every summer in middle school and then through out high school. In middle school I went to Seacamp, an 18 day camp that is all about teaching those who attend about marine... Continue Reading →

Low tides and finals

      Finals are approaching fast, so I decided to make my morning walk on the beach shorter than usual. Usually I'll go walk and sit somewhere(usually a somewhat shady spot on a fallen palm tree trunk) for about 30 minutes or so, reflect and concentrate on my breathing and then walk back. But... Continue Reading →

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