I’ve been MIA

I haven't posted in a LONG time, and I promise to get better and at least post once a week. But heres an update & a screen shot of my instagram because I seemed to of posted more on there than here, and that I too promise to get better that... LIFE UPDATE: Well a... Continue Reading →


Pastel Skies & Reflection

One thing I'll never get tired of is watching sunsets and this blog will be flooded with sunset photos as time goes on. I love watching the sky change colors from warm oranges and golds to the pink, blue, and purple pastels.Β When I watch the sunset, I use this time to reflect. Every time I... Continue Reading →

A little late

Its a week late but.....here are some photos of my Thanksgiving. Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving! My boyfriend came over to the West Coast the day before Thanksgiving. At 2 o'clock Β on Thanksgiving day we had our Thanksgiving at my house then we left around 4:30/5 to drive to the East Coast (where my boyfriend... Continue Reading →

Why I started Aquamarine Daydream

So a-little bit behind the blog - since this is my first post... I originally had the intent to keep the blog anonymous and use it as a way to document my treatment process and recovery. But since the original decision to start the blog, I've change my mind and decided not to be anonymous,... Continue Reading →

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