Brighten your morning

With a hot cup of lemon water. So so so many benefits of hot lemon water, like helps you wake up, boost your immune system, balances pH, flush out toxins,great source citric acid, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium (which is great for bulimics,like me, because from the purging you can cause your body to have lower potassium levels and low levels of magnesium.). Lemon water also helps with aiding in digestion and bile production (beneficial for someone like me too who has no gallbladder), benefits to your skin and helps replenish body salts.

Lemon water is the jack of all trades and it’s the way I wake up in the morning. Before I have my Diet Coke since I can’t drink coffee, I make my cup of hot lemon water. Usually always accompanied by a sun salutation in the morning and another cup of lemon water and on with my day I go! tempImageForSave.JPG


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